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Our code of ethics

  • We recognize and respect trade secrets and pledge our absolute discretion.
  • We are willing to act as your main partner to ensure the achievement of your objectives.
  • We believe that success is obtained through mutual trust and understanding.
  • We use our knowledge, values and impartial analysis to find effective solutions that ensure the sustainability of your business.

Our years of experience and expertise in various domains of industry have shown us the value of regular strategic check-ups.

InterTech is a Swiss company specialized in corporate strategies and industrial marketing, since 1994. Business development is our ultimate objective. We never worked for downsizing and we will never do!

Our mission is to contribute – through our methodologies, the experience of our team and our extensive network – to create a better world of values, satisfied customers' and suppliers' relationship, happier workforces, confident investors, a collaborative and respectful value chain and a fair competitive spirit with clear differentiations.

We believe in the definition of business from the outside in, meaning:

  • Selecting your market segment
  • Finding unsolved customer problems on the marketplace
  • Knowing your customers and their problems better than they know themselves
  • Creating solutions to customers' problems through innovation
  • Communicating solutions to a well-defined set of prospective customers  
  • Placing the customers in the heart of the company

The Marketing is a "mind set" which should be diffused and shared within the whole company.

Inspired by: Frank Cespedes, Harvard Business School