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HOLISTIC/STRATEGIC/TACTIC: A company is a collective venture. Competencies, core technologies, core processes and functional responsibilities, are managed by an appropriate organization; focused and motivated by the global vision of the founder or the CEO. Our methodology helps the leaders to structure the organization with a holistic approach and to create a dedicated team. Strategically speaking, our methodology clarifies who the company is. "Know yourself; know your competition; know your environment and your value chain; and finally know your clients."
Once the company positons itself, the elements of the strategy are ready to be deployed and tactics to be applied.

Our methodologies:

MARKINTECH™: Methodology developed by Jean-Claude Cattin and Kalust Zorik aims to reach new sales opportunities by aligning all necessary means to succeed. Markintech examines your actual market situation with an outside-in approach, analyses the positioning and the offering of the competition, establishes your product mapping to come out with a differentiated offer. Markintech puts into perspective your actual sales network and the new target market segments in order to reach the ideal market covering. Based on these findings, we propose new axes of communication for the actual or future market segments.

Z-MATRIX©: This matrix, developed by Kalust Zorik, aims to direct the market segmentation approach and to highlight opportunities in targeted business development. The Z-Matrix covers, with a sound analysis, the served and non-served market segments, the actual and future customer benefits, actual and new products and their functionalities, and also core competencies necessary for the creation of a new offer. The Z-Matrix fits perfectly for step change programs as well as for targeted business development. This Z-matrix outpace a lot of existing matrix by its fit to the technology industries (materials, components, systems, installations and machinery).