Watchmaking - Horlogerie

Our team has a solid experience, knowledge and network in the Swiss watch industry. Kalust Zorik, founder of InterTech, is a recognized expert in the watch marketing strategies. He is the founder of Watch Marketing Symposium (JIMH), co-founder of Watch Marketing Institute (IMH), based in Neuchâtel, and the co-publisher of 4 books on watch marketing.

Our client base includes highly known luxury brands as well as SMEs, start-ups, watch and component manufacturers, suppliers and professional associations. They are mostly based in Switzerland and some in the USA with local and international activities.  

The complexity of this field is mastering the luxury marketing culture, international distribution, brand and product communications as well as value chain management. The logistics, point-of-sales and cash management are important elements to master.

To this date we have worked extensively in the fields of high-end luxury, accessible luxury and economic watches as well as movements, component manufacturers and crafts.

Our clients look for support on boards of directors, turnaround management, M&A, financing, market feed back, clarification of their strategic positioning, new marketing and communication tools, sales development and new product and brand positioning.

We develop and implement company organizations, corporate strategies, product definitions and positioning, brand launchings, market openings, pricing policies, opportunity assessment, due diligence, alliances, marketing strategies, communication projects, distribution networks and related training sessions.