InterTech offers your company a strategic check-up, that includes the following:

We offer you an initial evaluation meeting.

Check-up options:
• Audit of your team to find out the internal vision
• Interviews with your existing customers
• Interviews with your lost customers
• Interviews with your non-customers
• Audit of your sales network
• Your industry specifics and value chain analysis
• Competition analysis
• Market segmentation analysis
• Product and service portfolio analysis
• Marketing and communications evaluation

Proprietary Tools:
• Markintech*
• Z-Matrix*
• Holistic/Strategic/Tactics methodology


• Report on feedback and findings
• Recommendations for the future of your company
• Execution and concrete action plans
• Implementation support
• Coaching and follow-up

Your results with InterTech:

• Clear vision, mission and values
• Clear strategic market segmentation
• Targeted and efficient communication to the market segments
• New products and services based on new needs
• Sales increase by targeting new market segments
• Optimized margin through better pricing
• Appropriate and efficient customer interface
• Better sales deployment
• International sales development
• Focused and motivated team
• Growth by acquisition if appropriate